We Welcome New Patients

We understand that your first visit to the eye doctor can feel overwhelming and we try to accommodate all new patients with a comfortable and organized facility.

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Sports Vision

There are times when your vision can be improved without the use of glasses.

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Eye & Vision Exams

Everyone needs regular eye exams. It’s important for adults to schedule eye exams to monitor their eye health and check for problems.

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Computer Vision

Computer Vision is a relatively new term within the optometry field and refers to eye problems associated with the prolonged...

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Welcome to Fallas Family Vision

At Fallas Family Vision, we believe in healthy eyes. The team at our optometry clinic in McDonough takes pride in providing top-notch eye care for the entire family. The eye is one of the most functional parts of the body, needed to see clearly and correctly process information. When neglected, poor vision or other eye-related complications could arise. Your eye doctor in McDonough can alleviate these complications, ensuring your eyes remain in their best condition throughout the year.

With Dr. Fallas, you’re in good hands. A licensed optometrist in the state of Georgia and Washington, his specialties include ocular disease and contact lenses.  A current member of both the American Optometric and Georgia Optometric Associations, he operates at the highest levels of professionalism.

What Our Patients Say

  • I decided I needed to get an eye exam done. I have 20/10 vision from the basic eye exam. I get some doing all the exam stuff they have done and I opted for the easier eye test, the one where they don't have to dilate your pupil with drops. Turns out I am far sighted which means I can see well at far distances but my eyes have to compensate to see items like books, computer or the cell phone screen and they are getting tired faster. ( I had no idea they did that at all). I had to get an every day pair of glasses. If it wasn't for the exam I would have never known and years down the road it would have caused some problems even just minor ones. I'm 28 and I would suggest staying on top of your eyes. You only get one pair. My wife has went to Fallas before and everyone is extremely nice and helpful when it comes to picking out frames or doing the exams. I will continue to use Fallas down the road.

    Travis S. Avatar
    Travis S.
  • Dr. Fallas and his staff are the best! Did I mention that they are the best! Love the office decor. If you need an eye doctor look no further.

    David R. Avatar
    David R.
  • Dr. Fallas and the staff are professionals that place clients’ eye health as a top priority. Not only do they take of my eyes, they educate me on ways to maintain my eye health. Valuable information for patients as we only have one pair of eyes to last our lifetime.

    Alex V. Avatar
    Alex V.
  • 100% courteous and professional from start to finish. Not a fan of going to any type of Doctor but when it comes to my eyes I won't trust just anyone. Doc Fallas is hands down the best. Takes time explain everything he is doing and the reason behind each test. My family and I will not go anywhere else!

    Mike H. Avatar
    Mike H.
  • Absolutely a wonderful doctor. Takes the time to really explain everything. You don't feel like you're rushed. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Great atmosphere and it's close to home.
    Wouldn't go anywhere else.

    Janet D. Avatar
    Janet D.
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