LipiFlow Treatment in McDonough for Dry Eye

If your eyes frequently feel dry and you regularly experience sensitivity to light and blurry vision, you could be suffering from evaporative dry eye. When eye fluids evaporate too quickly to provide sufficient moisture for the eyes, your eye doctor in McDonough may discover a lack of oil (lipids) in your tears that allows tears to dissipate abnormally. A deficiency of tear lipids is often due to blockage of Meibomian glands located in the eyelids. Meibomian glands produce oil necessary to prevent tears from evaporating before they can fully hydrate the eyes.

Who are Good Candidates for LipiFlow in McDonough?

During your eye exam at our optometry clinic in McDonough, your optometrist will look at Meibomian gland openings and may apply light pressure to the eyelids to see if any oil is released through the openings. A Schirmer’s test may be conducted to determine if your eyes are producing enough tears. Other tests include measuring the quality and amount of Meibomian gland oil and assessing the rate of tear evaporation. To see if you’re a good candidate for LipiFlow, come in for a consultation with your optometrist in McDonough.

How Does LipiFlow Work to Treat Blocked Meibomian Glands?

By applying controlled amounts of heat to your inner eyelid, LipiFlow exerts mild pressure on Meibomian glands to release lipids necessary for hydrating the eyes. A LipiFlow treatment in McDonough treats both lower and upper eyelids simultaneously without damaging delicate eye structures or glands. You can receive treatments at our LipiFlow eye clinic on the same day your optometrist diagnoses you with blocked Meibomian glands. LipiFlow is a painless treatment involving the clinical massage and warming of the glands. Many people consider a Lipiflow treatment similar to something they would receive at a health spa!

In addition, the LipiFlow System has the ability to deliver therapeutic heat to unblock plugged Meibomian glands so that you enjoy long-term relief from dry eye symptoms. In most cases, people with Meibomian gland problems do not need LipiFlow in McDonough for nine to 12 months following an initial treatment session, with the proper care and maintenance of your glands afterward.

Visit Our Local Optometrist for LipiFlow Treatment Today

If your eyes suffer from a burning/stinging sensation, scratchiness, stringy discharge and crustiness upon awakening in the morning, you may have blocked Meibomian glands. Call Fallas Family Vision today at (770) 954-9898 to schedule an eye exam appointment with your eye doctor in McDonough.