About Your LASIK Consultation with our McDonough Optometrist

Despite the track record of successful laser eye surgery in McDonough from your LASIK eye clinic, there is still some confusion. This is understandable. When considering surgery for one of the most sensitive and crucial organs of the body, one should be careful and discerning.

Am I a Good Candidate For LASIK?

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for LASIK surgery. Your eye doctor in McDonough has certain guidelines in place to help increase the odds for success. The best candidates for LASIK surgery should meet the following requirements:

Age/Eye Development – Legally old enough to have LASIK in McDonough. (In most states you must be either 18 or 21 to have LASIK surgery.)

Good Eye Health – You should have generally healthy eyes that are free of scars, corneal abnormalities, infections and diseases.

Can Handle the Surgery Requirements – You will have to lie down and keep still during the surgery. Only those who are able to withstand these conditions can safely undergo LASIK eye surgery.

Ability to Focus – LASIK eye surgery also requires that you can fix your vision on a single point of light for up to two minutes. The ability to do this is essential for LASIK success and best results.

Willingness to Pause Contact Lens Wearing (If Applicable) – LASIK surgery patients will be required to cease wearing contact lenses for up to four weeks following their procedure. Following LASIK surgery, the shape of your cornea may change. This could require you to get new contact lenses to fit the shape of your eye. LASIK surgery candidates should be aware of this possibility.
What Happens During LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK surgery involves a very precise incision made with a laser or extremely fine blade in the cornea to create a small flap. You will look at a light during this process to assist your ophthalmologist in working. A small amount of cells will be removed using an excimer laser from the stromal layer to create your ideal prescription.

Once the vision correction has been completed, your eye doctor will carefully replace the corneal flap. While you will be awake for the process, your eye doctor will apply numbing drops to the eyes to ensure you feel no pain during LASIK surgery. Some patients report just feeling a little pressure in the eyes during the surgery, but no pain. If you are nervous about the surgery, your eye doctor can give you a sedative such as Valium before the surgery to help you relax.
After Your LASIK Surgery

Following LASIK, there will be some mild discomfort and itching as the eyes heal. This is normal and will abate. Make sure to follow your optometrist’s instructions for pre- and post-op steps in regards to your LASIK eye surgery.
Get Your Lasik Consultation With Us Today

If you are interested in LASIK vision correction surgery and think you might be a good candidate, contact your optometry clinic in McDonough Fallas Family Vision for laser vision correction in McDonough. Your LASIK eye clinic and optometrist in McDonough carefully screens each LASIK candidate in the points described above. Our goal is the best vision outcome for each client, and we’ll advise you on your options going forward.