Hard to Fit Contact Lenses with Fallas Family Vision in McDonough, GA

Hard to fit contact lenses are not one particular type of lens. Rather, the term encompasses several different lens options for people who require more specialized prescriptions than the standard lenses. Modern hard to fit contacts are available for a wide variety of conditions, and our optometrist here at Fallas Family Vision in McDonough offers fittings for these specialty contact lenses.

What Makes Eyes ‘Hard to Fit’

There are a number of reasons that your eyes might be considered ‘hard to fit’:

  • Astigmatism
  • Keratoconus
  • Dry eyes
  • Presbyopia
  • Post-laser surgery

All of these conditions may require a specialized type of lens. For some, such as astigmatism, the lens must be a special type in order to provide effective correction. For others, such as dry eye, the lens must be comfortable and healthy for people with this condition to wear.

There are a number of types of hard to fit contacts:

  • Toric lenses have a special design that prevents them from rotating in the eye so that they can effectively correct for astigmatism.
  • Scleral lenses are larger than conventional lenses, which makes them great for ‘vaulting over’ the misshapen cornea of keratoconus patients.
  • Specialized soft contact lenses are now available for people who have mild or moderate keratoconus, too.
  • Lenses that retain moisture more effectively are available for people who suffer from dry eye.
  • Hybrid contact lenses with a soft outer rim and a hard center offer another option for people who need to wear hard lenses but do not find them comfortable.
  • Multifocal lenses allow people with presbyopia to see up close as well as at a distance.

Contact Lens Exams

Before our eye doctor in McDonough can prescribe contact lenses of any kind, you need a contact lens exam. This type of exam includes an overall health evaluation as well as an assessment of your visual acuity. For people who have been to regular eye exams, these steps will be familiar.

The part of the exam that is unique to wearing contacts is the measurement of the eye’s surface curvature. This may be done using a mechanical device or a computerized system. Fittings for hard to fit lenses can take a little longer than less complicated exams, but the result is usually well worth the wait!

Contact Your McDonough Optometrist Today About Your Contacts!

Our eye doctor in McDonough here at Fallas Family Vision can help you find a comfortable, effective pair of contact lenses even if you have more complex needs. We offer hard to fit contacts as well as traditional types, and it is very likely that we can find a pair for you. Call us today at (770) 954-9898 to make an appointment with our optometrist.