Contact Lens in McDonough GA

Whether you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or corneal misshaping, contacts can help improve your vision in McDonough GA. We also provide contacts for cosmetic eye color correction. If you are considering the use of contacts let our optometrist in McDonough assist you.

Here at Fallas Family Vision, we offer comprehensive contact lens services including eye exams, contact fittings, and prescriptions for contacts. Learn more about what to expect when you visit Fallas Family Vision for your contact lens needs.

Contact Lens Exams in McDonough, GA

To begin your treatment for vision correction we will conduct a contact lens exam. This allows our McDonough optometrist to carefully examine your eye health and vision issues. If contacts are considered for you, we will measure your cornea, pupil, and iris. Additionally, we will evaluate your tear film and eye’s surface. All of this information helps us select the right size and type of contact lens for you. We recommend you get regular contact lens exams in McDonough once you are fitted for contacts to ensure your vision correction is at the right prescription strength.

Contact Lens Selection

After we diagnose your vision problems we will determine whether contact lens is the right choice for you. This includes choosing whether to go with daily wear, disposable, or extended wear contacts. Our eye doctor will recommend the best type of contact lenses based on your vision correction needs, as well as your lifestyle.

Contact Lens Prescription

If you already wear contact lens you most likely need to get a new prescription. Our optometrist in McDonough GA recommends getting an annual eye exam so you can keep your contact lens prescription up to date. Your prescription for vision correction tends to change over time, so by getting a yearly eye exam, we can ensure that your contact lens prescription is at the precise strength for your current
vision treatment.

Contact Fittings and Hard to Fit Contacts

We also provide a tutorial class for individuals who have never worn contacts before. After the doctor has determined your prescription, we will schedule you a full hour of class time with our technicians to teach you how to insert and remove your new contacts. We will cover cleaning procedures and storage techniques so that you can take optimal care of your contact lenses.

If you are having trouble getting your contacts to fit, we can assist you. Our eye doctor is trained to work with hard to fit contacts so give us a call and we will help you get the best fit for your contacts. Otherwise, you could lose or wear your contact lenses incorrectly, which can be detrimental to your vision correction.

Contact Our Optometry Clinic in McDonough for a Contact Lens Exam

In addition to contact lens exams, prescriptions, and fittings, we also offer prescription eyeglasses and treatment for eye diseases. We also help to improve your sports vision and computer vision with proper treatment methods. To get started with contact lenses you will need to set up an appointment with our optometry clinic in McDonough, GA.

Contact our office at (770) 954-9898 to get started.