Understanding Computer Vision Syndrome With Our McDonough Optometrist

If you’re like millions of Americans, you probably have a job that requires you to spend hours in front of a computer screen. After a while though, all that glare and blue light starts to get to you.

You might get up to refill your coffee, take a walk, or go to lunch. You’re good for a while, then symptoms like eye strain return.

If you have eye problems from computers, you could be suffering from what’s called computer vision syndrome. An eye doctor in McDonough can diagnose and treat this condition.

What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome is the pain and discomfort caused by spending too long looking at a screen. Although “computer” is in the name, don’t be fooled; you can have this condition if you’re often on your smartphone or tablet.

What Causes Computer Vision Syndrome?

The cause of computer vision syndrome is overexposure to a screen. Screen distance, glare, and lighting and can worsen this condition, leading to eye problems from computers. You may notice symptoms in as little as two hours of exposure.

What Are the Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome?

The symptoms of computer vision syndrome are:

  • Itchy or dry eyes
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Eye strain
  • Blurred vision

These symptoms may not all be present every day, and some may be more severe than others. By visiting an optometry clinic in McDonough, you can get treatment for these symptoms.

How Is Computer Vision Syndrome Treated?

An eye doctor in McDonough will first test you for computer vision syndrome. They do this in a few ways:

  • Eye coordination: The optometrist in McDonough GA will see if both eyes can function in tandem.
  • Eye focus: This test determines how well your eyes can detect items from a distance.
  • Refraction: Your eye doctor will decide if you need contact lenses or eyeglasses with this test.
  • Visual acuity: If your vision quality has dropped because of computer vision syndrome, this test will detect that.

Once you get diagnosed with computer vision syndrome at an optometry clinic in McDonough, you can discuss prevention and treatment.

Computer vision syndrome treatments in McDonough are generally preventative. You may be prescribed medication and eye drops to deal with the symptoms, but otherwise, you have to make a few changes for better eye health.

First, make sure you spend considerable time away from the screen. Take 5-minute breaks on an hourly basis. Close your eyes or turn your head away from the screen for a minute or so.

Check the lighting in the room. If you’re at work, turn your computer monitor so it faces the window instead of artificial lighting like fluorescents. You should also alter the monitor distance and height so you’re not craning down to see.
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