Eye Care Services from Your McDonough Optometrist

At Fallas Family Vision, we’re here for your eyes at every stage of life. Our McDonough eye doctor, Dr. Fallas, is committed to your whole family’s vision and eye health needs, from preventative eye exams and routine vision care to treatments for eye diseases and injuries. Here are some of the eye care services we offer at our state-of-the-art optometry clinic:

Comprehensive Eye & Vision Exams in McDonough

Whether you want to update your prescription or rule out early signs of diabetes or glaucoma, you need an exam from an actual eye doctor in McDonough. Only an eye doctor is qualified to perform the tests and measurements necessary to evaluate your eyes and determine your eye care needs, whatever they may be.

For example, our eye doctor can detect specific vision conditions that may require specialty eyewear, as well as the early signs of conditions that may eventually lead to blindness. During your family’s eye exams, our optometrist will fully evaluate the function, health, and vision of each person’s eyes, making sure our team has the information we need to maximize all three.

Prescription Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Do you rely on prescription glasses to see clearly? Our eyewear selection in McDonough has a variety of customizable designer frames and lenses, including eyeglasses and sunglasses that will flatter your face while correcting your vision and protecting your eyes.

Contact Lenses & Contact Lens Exams

Of course, contact lenses require completely different measurements and maintenance methods, so it’s important to see our optometrist for your contact lens exams. We also offer a variety of specialty lenses for patients with hard-to-fit contacts, including scleral lenses that arch over the eye to avoid irritation and multifocal contacts that contain multiple prescriptions.

Treatments for Eye Diseases

Our optometry team wants to minimize your risks and protect your vision as much as possible, no matter what your diagnosis. If you have an eye disease that affects your eye health, function, or vision, we will help you manage or treat it instead of simply covering up the symptoms. Our McDonough optometrist will work to determine the cause of your condition and provide a solution.

Sports Vision Evaluations & Therapy

Athletic performance depends on your senses, and sharp vision is important for many sports and activities. Our optometrist will fully evaluate your vision and then work with you to “train” your eyes with exercises, tests, and more.

Schedule an Eye Exam with Our McDonough Eye Doctor

Are you ready to schedule an eye exam for you or a member of your family? Call (770) 954-9898 to make an appointment at our optometry clinic in McDonough today.