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Eye and Vision Exams in McDonough, GA

Fallas Family Vision is a full-service optometry clinic with services ranging from comprehensive vision exams and LASIK consultations helping you choose the perfect pair of contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses.  However, the key to good eye health and seeing the world clearly begins with annual eye exams with our optometrist in McDonough.

photo of a lady getting an eye exam with our optometrist in mcdonough

What to Expect During Vision Exams with Our Optometrist

Whether you come in for a back to school vision exam or need an updated prescription, our optometrist will take a full medical and vision history and consult with you about any vision-related concerns you have. We’ll use a series of diagnostic tools and perform a comprehensive eye exam. These tests and procedures typically include:

Vision Testing. We evaluate your vision acuity as you read letters and numbers from a chart as you look through a viewfinder. If vision correction is necessary, you’ll be asked to choose from a series of slides to determine your precise prescription.

Glaucoma Exam. Using a Goldman Tonometer, we determine the exact amount of pressure behind your eye. Excessive pressure is a symptom of glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy, and early detection allows guidance in preventive measures and treatment options.

Slit-lamp Exam. Our optometrist in McDonough uses a bio-microscope to see a magnified view of the eye’s interior structures such at the optic nerve, retina, and macula. This test is vital for eye disease prevention and detection.

Eye Dilation. Using special eye drops, we can dilate your eyes to give us another look at the interior of the eyes.

If you require corrective lenses and would like to give contacts a try, you will have an additional set of examinations. We may skip the eye dilation process before contact lens exams so you can undergo the fitting process with greater ease.

Contact Lens Exams at Our Optometry Clinic in McDonough

After the standard eye exam is complete, your eye doctor will take additional eye measurements. Contacts sit atop the eye’s surface, so we need to measure the curvature of your eyes and also make distance calculations. A regular prescription for glasses is not sufficient enough to obtain contacts because glasses sit several millimeters from the retina; hence, a different prescription is necessary for contact lenses.

A team member will show you how to properly insert and remove corrective lenses. We will likely give you a ‘trial pair’ of lenses to wear for a few days and then have a follow-up visit to determine what contacts are best for you.

Contact Us to Schedule An Eye Exam Today

Contact our enthusiastic and dedicated optometrist at Fallas Family Vision, and discover how our personalized service makes us a premier family eye care provider of choice. Contact us today at 770-954-9898 to schedule your annual eye exam in McDonough and we will help your entire family continue to see things clearly!

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