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Pink Eye

Pink Eye Relief from Your Eye Doctor in McDonough, GA

Most people associate pink eye, medically known as conjunctivitis, with childhood infections.  However, it can strike at any age.  Often the telltale signs are visible before any discomfort.  An eye exam by our McDonough eye doctor can determine whether this condition is present.  The focus of treatment at our Fallas Family Vision practice is two-fold:  relieving discomfort and preventing contagious cases from spreading.

woman suffering from pink eye

Overview of Conjunctivitis

This disorder is an inflammation or swelling of the tissue covering the white portion of the eye, the conjunctiva.  This tissue serves as a liner for the inner eyelid.

Our patients are most likely to experience allergic conjunctivitis when spring and fall allergies flare.  We quickly search for the cause of the symptoms, treat conjunctivitis, and help develop proactive strategies to limit future flares.

The most prevalent symptom of an infected eye is its pink appearance.  Other symptoms include swollen eyelids, a gritty sensation, itching or burning eyes, an eye that discharges, sensitivity to light, and overproduction of tears.

Because some cases are very contagious, preventative steps are particularly important.  Our doctor of optometry notes that a bacterial, allergic, or viral cause could be responsible for this condition.  The most common culprits include:

  • Allergic reaction to substances such as smoke
  • Bacterial infections
  • Viruses such as that linked to the common cold
  • Certain sexually transmitted diseases
  • Animal dander
  • Aging makeup or facial lotions
  • Reaction to something that touches an eye

Pink Eye Treatment Options

Once our optometrist makes a diagnosis of pink eye, treatment begins to reduce discomfort and prevent the spread of a contagious case.  Avoiding the escalation of a minor problem into a greater health issue requires both professional eye care and self-care.

The right treatment for each patient depends on the type of conjunctivitis present.  However, all patients must avoid touching their eyes.  Specific treatments include:

  • Allergic cause:  Avoidance of exposure to the allergen is paramount.  Use of antihistamines, NSAIDS, cool compresses, and artificial tears often provide relief.
  • Bacterial infections:  Antibiotic drops or ointments are appropriate.
  • Viral cause:  Symptoms usually go away after several weeks.  Artificial tears and cool compresses can increase comfort.
  • Chemical causes:  Saline flushing is the choice, sometimes with the use of topical steroids.

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