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Optomap Retinal Imaging

Optomap Retinal Imaging in McDonough

optomap retinal imaging

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If you have ever had your pupils dilated for a comprehensive eye exam, you may have found this process somewhat inconvenient and/or less than ideally comfortable -- even if you acknowledge how critical it is for our eye doctors in McDonough to view as much of your eyes' interiors as possible. Fortunately, there's now another technique that can serve as a viable alternative to pupil dilation. Here at Fallas Family Vision, we're proud to provide your family with Optomap retinal imaging in McDonough.

Optomap is a technique used for computer assisted eye exams. It involves a special camera capable of taking a wide-angle image of the inside of the eye. The resulting full-color, high-resolution digital image can be used to confirm the health of the eye or catch some of the most dangerous eye diseases in their earliest stages, allowing us to provide more timely treatment.

The Advantages of Advanced Retinal Imaging

Comprehensive eye exams in McDonough require a detailed view of the inner eye structures, a critical step in diagnosing macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and other serious eye diseases. But if we simply peer through the pupil, we are likely to see no more than 45 degrees of retinal tissue, with no view of the optic nerve whatsoever. Eye disease symptoms could easily be lurking beyond this limited range of observation, so the pupils are traditionally dilated to achieve a wider viewing angle. Unfortunately, dilation can last for several uncomfortable hours, some individuals may be particularly bothered by it. Optomap's advanced retinal imaging system can view approximately 200 degrees of the eye's interior even without dilation, providing a smart alternative for these cases.

Optomap's digital nature lends it other advantages over ordinary dilated eye exams as well. The full-color images are ready for viewing immediately, allowing us to show you the insides of your eyes and discuss whatever we see there. The images also provide a permanent visual record that our eye doctors in McDonough can save for future reference, helping us track any changes occurring in your eyes.

Optomap Is Easy

Optomap imaging from your optometrist in McDonough, GA is a quick, simple, painless process. All you have to do is gaze into the machine long enough for it to take a photograph of each eye. You will see a brief flash of light, and that's it -- your eyes have been photographed. We can then examine the panoramic image and discuss any signs of possible issues that might require treatment.

Experience State-of-the-Art Computer Assisted Eye Exams in McDonough

Optomap is as safe as it is convenient, causing no problems in patients over the course of more than 50 million scanning sessions. If you seek the thoroughness of a comprehensive eye evaluation without pupil dilation, then you need to experience our state-of-the-art computer assisted eye exams in McDonough. Call 770-766-9561 to schedule your next eye exam from our optometrist in McDonough GA -- and be sure to ask about Optomap!

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