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Hard To Fit Contact Lenses FAQs

Fallas Family Vision Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Hard to Fit Contacts

All contact lenses are not created equal -- and neither are all eyes. But what do you do when you're told that your eyes are "hard to fit" for content lenses? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions on this subject from Fallas Family Vision in McDonough, GA.

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What Makes Certain Eyes "Hard to Fit" for Contact Lenses?

A variety of conditions and situations can make your eyes "hard to fit" for contact lenses. These include dry eye, giant papillary conjunctivitis, an exceptionally strong corrective prescription, corneal abnormalities such as keratoconus, and the age-related focus problem known as presbyopia.

Why Are Ordinary Soft Contacts Uncomfortable for Some Individuals?

Ordinary soft contacts have a reputation for comfort, but they may aggravate the symptoms of dry eye. They also tend to accumulate bits of debris. This debris can cause irritation in people who are sensitive or allergic to it.

Why Do Some Vision Problems Require Specialized Contact Lenses?

Vision problems caused by irregular corneas aren't easily corrected by regular soft contacts, which will simply take on the abnormal shape of the corneas they're sitting on. Standard single-vision contacts can't correct vision at multiple distances, a must for presbyopia sufferers.

How Does Your Optometrist Fit Me With Contact Lenses That Will Be Comfortable?

Our optometrist at Fallas Family Vision will determine whether your condition requires specialized contacts for optimal comfort and visual clarity. This is done by administering a procedure (separate from your comprehensive eye exam) called a contact lens exam.

What Goes Into a Contact Lens Exam?

A contact lens exam includes several crucial steps for fitting your contacts as accurately and comfortably as possible. We will take careful measurements of your eye dimensions and corneal contours. We will also discuss any eye or vision problem that would be well served by a particular type of contact lens.

What Kinds of Hard to Fit Contacts Do You Offer?

We offer many kinds of hard to fit contacts for your specialized needs. Dry eye sufferers can experience greater comfort by choosing our hydrogel lenses, for example. Rigid gas permeable lenses hold their shape, making them ideal for complicated or strong prescriptions. The scleral lens covers the cornea entirely, allowing them to compensate for irregular corneal curvature. Multifocal lenses give you the same kind of multi-distance correction as bifocal or progressive eyeglasses.

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