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Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma Treatment in McDonough GA

Glaucoma occurs when your optic nerve is not functioning properly. The beginning stages of glaucoma have no symptoms. This is why early detection through an eye exam is necessary to help preserve your vision. As an eye doctor in McDonough GA, Fallas Family Vision treats patients who are dealing with glaucoma from early detection to the later stages of this debilitating eye disease.

Glaucoma Treatment in McDonough GA

When you need an eye doctor, Fallas Family Vision is ready to meet all of your vision needs. While there is a wide variety of the types of glaucoma you can experience, the two most common forms are angle closure glaucoma and primary open angle glaucoma. It's important to remember that you can't prevent glaucoma from occurring, and that a family history, simply getting older and genetics all play a role in the development in glaucoma. That’s why early detection and management of symptoms is key to dealing with this disease.

Treatment Options for Glaucoma in McDonough GA

When you meet with your eye doctor for the treatment of glaucoma in McDonough GA, you can discuss your treatment options. Your treatment plan will be based on the type of glaucoma you have and the severity of your current situation. Medications, surgical procedures, or laser can be used to help treat your glaucoma. You may only need to have eye drops for treatment, which will help keep your eyes healthy over time.

Treatment can include reducing the pressure in your eyes, one of the first signs that you are dealing with glaucoma in the first place. Using a laser, your eye doctor will create a small hole in your iris, allowing built up pressure to escape. If your vision is being compromised, a surgical procedure putting in a new drain for your eye can get rid of the pressure building up.

Glaucoma can cause blindness, and this is a fear many new glaucoma patients have when they begin treatment. Early screening is important, because there are no signs that you have glaucoma in the beginning. Some patients have trouble sticking with their treatment plan, causing further damage to their eyesight. With early treatment and sticking closely to your treatment plan, you have a high chance of maintaining your current vision. Although glaucoma is different for everyone, your eye doctor will develop a plan that is unique for you.

If you need treatment for glaucoma in McDonough, Georgia and the surrounding area, give Fallas Family Vision a call today at 770-766-9561.