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Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes Treatment From Fallas Family Vision in McDonough

If you are battling a dry eye condition, it is likely you are seeking a treatment that works at providing you relief. Contacting Fallas Family Vision in McDonough for optometry care is a proactive step you can take to decrease the symptoms of this eye problem. Here are some frequently asked questions about dry eye to look over so you better understand how this eye health condition happens and how a trip to see our optometrists can help.

man using eye drops to help with his dry eye

What Exactly Is "Dry Eye"?

Dry eye is the term used to describe the condition of the eyes when there is a lack of effective lubrication present to keep the eyes hydrated as necessary. The condition is often associated with a gritty feeling in the eyes, the feeling that a foreign body is present within an eye, redness, itchiness, or mild pain. If you suffer from an allergy, whether environmental, pet, or chemical, dry eye can be a system associated with the discomfort you experience when you come into contact with a trigger item.

What Can Be Done To Avoid Dry Eye?

There are a few steps you can take to minimize the chance of a dry eye condition. If possible avoid all triggers that cause you to experience the feeling that your eyes are dry. This may require that you keep a journal to track the dates and conditions surrounding you when you felt symptoms. You may then be able to pinpoint exactly what is causing you to experience the condition. If you believe you do not have an adequate tear supply, seeing our optometrist is the best way to find a solution. Rather than take the risk of using over the counter medications, seeing our eye doctor ensures the right dosage is administered to keep your eyes hydrated. If other means are necessary to remedy the situation, our optometrist will discuss them with you.

How Can Our Optometrist Help?

If you have inadequate tears present, our optometry team will provide you with some different ways you can improve tear flow so that dry eye is longer a problem. This can be as intensive as a surgical process, or as simple as the addition of artificial tears via an eye drop form. Using an insert that provides you with tears throughout the day is another option. Each method will be described to you and our optometrist will make a recommendation regarding the appropriate treatment they believe will work best for your specific tear output level.

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