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Cataract Treatment

Cataract Treatment in McDonough, GA

Both of your eyes have a natural lens that allows you to see clearly. However, due to taking certain medications, medical conditions, past surgeries, family history, and age, clouds may gradually form over the eyes. This is known as cataracts and may require cataract surgery.

If you have cataracts, see an eye doctor in McDonough. The sooner you receive cataract treatment the better.

What Are Cataracts and Do I Need Cataract Surgery?

Cataracts are often referred to as “clouds” on the eye. These cover the eye lens and obstruct vision. Depending on the size of the cataract, these may be a minor annoyance or a serious vision thief. Some cataracts may be minuscule to the point where cataract surgery is unnecessary. Keep in mind that cataracts can grow.

If your cataracts are growing, you may report symptoms like double vision, color fading, light halos in your vision, glare and light sensitivity, night vision, and blurry vision. You may find that you get new contacts and eyeglasses often to try to treat the problem (without success). You may also need to increase the lighting in rooms so you can see well.

If you believe you are experiencing any of these symptoms, seek an optometrist in McDonough.

What Are the Different Types of Cataracts?

There are various types of cataracts with each appearing in a different location on your lens and different effects on your vision.

The types are:

  • Congenital cataracts: Adults with congenital cataract have had these since birth. It’s important to be diligent to make sure these cataracts don’t grow too big.
  • Posterior subcapsular cataracts: If you notice light halos, glare issues, and you can’t read clearly, you may have posterior subcapsular cataracts. These develop behind the lens.
  • Cortical cataracts: Growing near the lens cortex’s edge, you may not notice cortical contacts at first. These may become longer and more of a vision deterrent over time, though. Cortical cataracts are typically white in color.
  • Nuclear cataracts: Speaking of colors, it’s not uncommon for nuclear contacts to shift from yellow to brown. These start off subtly, often leading to nearsightedness. Eventually, nuclear contacts impact vision more and more.

Our optometry clinic can offer cataract treatment in McDonough. Your eye doctors in McDonough may recommend new eyeglass prescription and if your vision is not improving, cataract surgery is the next answer. The best way to get rid of cataracts is to undergo cataract surgery to remove the eye lens to for clearer vision.

Choose Fallas Family Vision for Your Cataract Treatment

Are you looking for optometrists in McDonough,GA for cataract surgery and other cataracts treatment? Contact us at Fallas Family Vision, your optometry clinic in McDonough.

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